If you are interested in a puppy, give us a call or send us an E-mail and tell us more about you.


We expect you to have done some research about the breed and we want you to come and visit us

and our dogs.



Mail: info@bullmastiff.se

Phone: 0046 70 770 67 01





Health Check



Written Contract

Registrated in the Swedish Kennel Club

Written Information



The puppies grows up in the house with the rest of our family and dogs.


We will guide and support you all the dogs life.

You can always contact us, no matter what.




Male to be announced


Vi planerar valpar sommaren 2018 / Puppyplans are made for summer 2018

Mer info kommer/ more info to come




Sotarbackens Hally Gally


Male to be announced


Golden Uelsi Magiya Of Love

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