Valhalla Hunter Tarzan Aga  - SE CH Sotarbackens Ragamuffin

2022-04-04 / 2 + 3

BPISS Sotarbackens Hit The Jackpot

Sotarbackens Cracker Jack

Sotarbackens Jackuelle

Sotarbackens Jackaroo

Sotarbackens Jackie


INT NORD CH, SE V-19, NO V-19, NORD V-18/19, NORD JV-18 Sotarbackens Viaga 

NORDV-19, NORDJV-19 Sotarbackens Meagan

2021-03-02 / 5 + 4

SE CH Sotarbackens Moves Like Jagger 

Sotarbackens Mr Boombastic 

Sotarbackens Medicine Man

Sotarbackens More Than A Feeling

Sotarbackens Mister Magoo - CAC

Sotarbackens Mint Mary

Sotarbackens Mockingjay At Stoneglad - Exp. UK

Sotarbackens Ma Baker - CAC

Sotarbackens Magnificent


Catch litter


2 + 6

MULTI CH MULTI W BIS BISS Hyerdunscar Northern Soul . Sotarbackens Hally Gally

SE NO CH NORD JV-19 BPIS Sotarbackens Vagabond 

Sotarbackens Amoraga - CAC

Sotarbackens Agazing

Sotarbackens Reagan

SE CH Sotarbackens Ragamuffin

SE CH Sotarbackens Ragazza

Sotarbackens Abagail - CAC

SE NO CH NORD JV-19, NORD V-19 Sotarbackens Meagan


3 + 5

SE CH Skrynklans Sylwe Sylwester - Golden Uelsi Magiya Of Love

Sotarbackens Agasus

Sotarbackens Kagan

Sotarbackens Again

Sotarbackens Teagan

Sotarbackens Agapi

Sotarbackens Yatagan

SE JV-19 Sotarbackens Vagal - CAC

FI JV-19, BALT V-19, Balt JCH LV JCH, LT JCH, FIN CH EE JCH Sotarbackens Saganash - CAC



BISS US CH Banstock Bruno Of The NorthEast - Banstock Lady Aga

INT NORD FIN CH, SE V-19, NO V-19, NORD V-19, NORD V-18, NORD JV-18 Sotarbackens Viaga - Top winning Bullmastiff in Sweden 2019

NO SE CH NO V-20 Sotarbackens Agario

Sotarbackens Agaur

Sotarbackens Lady Gaga

Sotarbackens Agatize

Sotarbackens Agave



US CH Ol West Jessie James - Golden Uelsi Magiya Of Love

Sotarbackens Agacadabra

Sotarbackens Agaton Sax

Sotarbackens Agars

Sotarbackens Pagan

BPIS Portugal Junior CH Sotarbackens Saga

Sotarbackens Agate

Sotarbackens Agama

Sotarbackens Agatha

Sotarbackens Lagan

Sotarbackens Jaga

NO, SE CH, SE V-19 Sotarbackens Agape



SE CH Sotarbackens Yabba Dabba Doo ~ Golden Uelsi Magiya Of Love

Sotarbackens Hot Shot

Sotarbackens Hey Baberiba

BPIS BJISS Sotarbackens Hally Gally

SE CH Sotarbackens Hunky Dory



US CAN CH Hanover's Simon Of Mill Creek ~ Sotarbackens Chunky Monkey

Sotarbackens TNT I'm Dynamite

Sotarbackens Thunderstruck



BISS INT Hj Rj HU SR DK SE CH Safety Of Flatland Phoenix ~ Game Keeper's Zoo Zookie

Sotarbackens Abracadabra

Sotarbackens Cowabunga

BISS INT CH H CH SK CH RO CH SRB CH UKR CH Sotarbackens Dyn-Oh-Mite - RES. BIS BM World Cup 2016

SE CH Sotarbackens Yabba Dabba Doo

Sotarbackens Yippie-Ki-Yay

Sotarbackens Peek-A-Boo

Sotarbackens Honey Boo Boo



INt N SE DK CH WW-12 NORDV-11 NV-11 NORD JV-10 BM World Cup W-12 Game Keeper's Reprint In Fawn Ink ~ SE CH Sotarbackens Cinnamon Buns

Sotarbackens To Hot To Handle - 1 CAC

Sotarbackens Drop It Like It's Hot

Sotarbackens Hot Dog



N IT CH Game Keeper's Mastermind ~ Sotarbackens Sweetest Thing

SE CH Sotarbackens Chubby Hubby

Sotarbackens Cherry Garcia

Sotarbackens Cookie Dough

DK SE N NORD CH Sotarbackens Candy Bar Crunch - BOS Norwegian Specialty 2011, RES. BIS BM World Cup 2012

SE CH SE V-12 BISS Sotarbackens Cheesecake Brownie - BISS Swedish Bullmastiff Specialty 2012- Swedish Winner 2012

SE CH Sotarbackens Cinnamon Buns

Sotarbackens Chunky Monkey - 1 CAC

Sotarbackens Caramel Chew Chew



INT FIN SE N CH Rambull's Kiss My Jazz ~ SE DK CH SV- 06 Maxinice Jokestress

Sotarbackens I Will Follow

Sotarbackens Vertigo

Sotarbackens Mysterious Ways

Sotarbackens Sweetest Thing - 1 CAC



Multi CH Zevz Ot Antalis's ~ SE DK CH SV-06 Maxinice Jokestress

SE N DK NORD CH NORDV-07 SE V-10 BISS Sotarbackens Very Valentino - BISS Swedish Bullmastiff Specialty 2007, BOS Swedish Bullmastiff Specialty Veberöd 2008. Top Winning Bullmastiff 2007

Sotarbackens Black Code - 2 CAC

Sotarbackens Rockin Rio

Sotarbackens Boss In Motion

Sotarbackens Eternity

Sotarbackens Envy Me

Sotarbackens Rush

Sotarbackens Burrberry Brit

Sotarbackens Miss Dior Cherie

Sotarbackens Miracle So Magic

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INT NORD CH, SE V-19, NO V-19, NORD V-18/19, NORD JV-18  Sotarbackens Viaga 

Sotarbackens Hally Gally

2020-04-14 / 5 + 5

Sotarbackens What A Catch                                                                     

Sotarbackens Catch A Star                                                                         

Sotarbackens Catch You Later                                                                  

Sotarbackens Mr Catchy                                                                             

Sotarbackens Catch  


BISS SE NO UCH SE V-22 Sotarbackens Catch Me If You Can

Sotarbackens Eye Catcher  

Sotarbackens Dream Carcher   

Sotarbackens Catch Of Joy                                                                         

Sotarbackens Catch A Kiss